About us

We are ordinary persons, saved by God's immense grace.

Knowing Jesus as our best Friend, yes the Friend that makes life worth living, and an eternity with Him our only goal, we want to help you to know Jesus as the Friend that is always there.

We don't want your money and we do not accept donations as Jesus told us: “Freely you have received, freely give again.”

We therefore rather use money from our own pockets and our spare time to try to be of help.

This part is short, but we are just ordinary persons, not worth talking about.
Jesus is the One that deserves all honour and all our love and the One to talk about.

He alone is worthy all that we can give, and so much more.

Yes that we Give All the Heart to Him, and all our love to Him, that first loved us and died for us that we might live.

Jesus, come soon!